Do you want to experience the favor of God in your life more and more? The amazing thing is that you don’t have to beg or work for His ¬†favor. Simply, the more you say yes to God the more favor you experience, the more you trust in Him. His favor is already there, it becomes a growing relationship of experience. The difficult things that you’re going through right now are the places we need to say yes to God and trust Him, as we do that we see Him move with favor over our lives. So the very difficult things are ground zero to see God’s favor at work in your life.

That’s how we can appropriate James 1 and consider the trials of many kinds pure joy, because we’re viewing things through the lens of God is going to show up in this moment somehow and grow His favor and grace in our lives to maturity, when we begin to live from this perspective not only does it help us walk through the difficult seasons in life, it also helps us keep eternity in view. If we could remember that all of what we’re experiencing is temporal, and we’re moving towards an eternity where we will experience God’s favor continually and know…this is part of the process. Learning how to walk in His favor by simply saying yes.

Let me encourage you to start today and say yes to God and watch as His favor overtakes your trials and experience with Him. Let me know what you think. Praying for you! Pastor Patrick