Have you ever asked that question…really? Who are you? What kind of person are you? Not, what kind of person do you want to be? But what kind of person are you? About a year ago I was with my pastor and he shared some of what I’m sharing with you today about addressing that question in our own lives. In Proverbs, scripture defines people in different ways depending on how we act and how we live. The four different persons described are: Simple, Foolish, Wise and Scoffers.

Simple people are defined as people that just don’t know something. They haven’t been educated in areas and are simply unaware about things. It doesn’t make them bad or good, just simple. John Maxwell says it this way, “There are some things that you don’t know and there are some things that you don’t know that you don’t know.” The first part of that is uneducated in an area, the second part to that is simply you don’t even know that you’re missing something.

Foolish people are defined as people who make excuses why they do the wrong things. They’re unteachable and often use anger as a defense mechanism when confronted.

Wise people are defined as people who are teachable. They listen, they grow and they’re intentional about how they live their lives in a Godly manner.

Scoffers are defined as people who make fun of wise council and other people’s wisdom. Scoffers appear wise and may seem like they win the battle, but they don’t gain anything from the encounter and simply don’t learn anything.

With this Biblical criteria ask yourself that question again. Who are you? I pray that as you continue to grow that you would strive to be wise and teachable. So often this is shown through in difficult times. The choice is yours. Who will you be?

-Pastor Patrick