Do you sometimes feel like you have more questions than answers? Do you sometimes feel like you just don’t have the right answer to the question that is right in front of you? There are so many situations in life with seemingly multiple right answers. Sure, you could choose this or that…but there is a right answer for where you are.

The amazing thing is that when you don’t have the answer, God does. God’s got this and you can trust Him. You just need to position yourself to hear what God is saying about every situation in your life. Sometimes that positioning means we quiet our mouths and open our ears…sometimes thats the struggle.

But understand this…sometimes the answer isn’t what you think it should be, and sometimes it’s not found in an equation, it’s found in an emotion. Peace…is so often the answer that God gives. But whatever the answer is the promise is that God’s grace is sufficient and with you as we simply humble ourselves to listen to what He’s saying.  So maybe stop, drop and roll….no I’m just kidding. What you maybe need to do is simply Stop. Listen. Obey.