Day 6 of our 21 days of prayer and fasting and this is what God has laid on my heart this morning.

There are times when I hear people talk about wanting revival. Unfortunately many of these conversations, the revival people seem to want is where they “feel” the presence of God. I want revival too! Our nation needs a touch from God! I love to “feel” the presence of God, but true biblical revival is not necessarily about us “feeling” His presence. True Biblical revival is always found in repentance and people coming to Christ. There is a brokenness before the Lord and an obedience to evangelize those far from God and to disciple them as they come to Christ.

We have to be careful that we never replace true Biblical revival with our brand of revival. Which oftentimes looks more like services where we enjoyed because we experience the presence of God in powerful ways, but then miss the next step of loving our world and discipling the new believers that are coming and growing in their faith.

So if you want revival understand that it requires a few things:

  1. A humble heart and contrite spirit with prayer of brokenness before the Lord. (this is where revival begins personally and therefore you can have any time)
  2. Obedience to the call of God to share the Gospel/share your story of what God has done, is doing and will do.
  3. Purposeful discipleship from those in the church. (loving and discipling those coming to Christ)

Christ shows up in powerful ways in all of those, but understand it’s not just one of those that we live from. Each of us have to understand that this is what God is calling us into. We have to ask ourselves, are we ready to engage in what God is calling us to? This is the revival God desires. {People far from God coming to faith, and those in relationship with God to leverage their lives for the Kingdom of God}

When the church rises up and becomes what we’re called to be, true Biblical revival happens. What revival are you looking for?

Think on this and I’m praying for you!

Pastor Patrick