As I sit here writing this today I’m laughing at myself. Not a funny haha….rather a…really Patrick! That’s because it’s taken me some time to finish what I started on this post. I probably started writing this about 2 months ago.

You see God drops scriptures, little phrases, statements and word pictures in my thoughts and I know instantly that I need to write about and/or preach what He’s just given me. Sometimes there’s an urgency for the week I’m in and other times, well it takes some time. When it’s something I’m supposed to write I can sometimes allow it to fall through the cracks and it doesn’t get done right away (procrastination?) and very often that is fueled by things that we allow to get in the way.

Some days it feels like I have a zillion things to do. Hyperbole maybe? and sometimes I just don’t want to write because I want to do something else. There’s a lot of times in life that are like that. We have something that we know we should do but we put it off because we’re busy or simply because we don’t want to do that thing right now.

1 Kings 20:11 tells us this….‘One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.'”

This is one of my favorite little passages that reminds me that it’s not about how we start, but rather how we finish. You see God has called us to not only start things but to finish them. That is His promise to us…that He will finish what He started in our lives, and it’s also a great place to mimic His actions.

Maybe that’s a task, but maybe that’s an attitude adjustment? Whatever it is…If God spoke it into us, He means for us to do it.

Let’s be people who not only start, but continue in the middle and finish strong empowered by the Holy Spirit in all things.

Maybe you feel like you’ve started something God has spoken to you and you feel like you let God down because you dropped the ball, don’t! Don’t own that one moment longer. Give it to God and continue to fulfill what He has spoken to you. When you do that you’ll be a finisher. Then you can boast like the one who takes the armor off….but of course your boast will be in the Lord as He’s the one that not only speaks into us but empowers our actions to fulfill them.

Think about it!