Here we are on day 14 of our fast (1 week to go) and one of the things that always amazes me is that even when it’s difficult (and this fast has seemed to be more difficult for me personally) that God is sooooooo faithful. He just never stops being faithful.

One of the things that I do personally when things get more challenging is that my times of prayer and worship almost always take me back to the truths of who God is: He is good! God is good! You can look around and see that the world is broken but I know this…..God is good!!!

God has good for me! Don’t ever let a thought take root in your mind where you question if God has good for you or not? The truth that God has good for me never has a question mark after it…it always has an exclamation point!!!! God has good for you.

Lastly….God is faithful! He is faithful to pick you up when you need it. He is faithful to be there for you. His promise is He will never leave you or forsake you. He is faithful in His character.

These truths when applied to our lives empower us for whatever is in front of us….including extended times of fasting and prayer. If you’re struggling, enter into worship and prayer tonight. Some songs that are absolutely wrecking me now are: Elevation Worship (Do it again, O Come to the altar, and Give me faith) and Hillsong (New Wine and So will I)

He’s getting me through this time of fasting and prayer and not begrudgingly…there are sweet moments of His presence that make it all worth it. He’ll get you through this too. Just remember: God is good, He has good for you, and He’s faithful.

Oh and the orange….it doesn’t really mean anything but I sure do like oranges and I needed a picture. 😀

Praying for you! Pastor Patrick