Do you know you have the great opportunity to be a mouthpiece for God? As you press into the presence of God during this time of fasting and prayer, understand that the things He’s speaking to you are usually good for someone else too. Sometimes it’s just when we share it spurs faith in those you share that God is speaking. Sometimes it’s the exact word you heard God speak to you is also the exact word they need as well. When you do that you are a mouthpiece for God and when you declare Jesus, you prophecy into those that hear. Simply put;¬†God is looking for partners who will boldly proclaim His Word.

You may say, “mmmm, I’m not sure?” Let me encourage you that the more you press in….the more confident you become because you’re hearing God speak to you and you realize you’re simply speaking what you’re hearing. Hope that makes sense and I encourage you to step out after you’ve stepped into His presence. Remember, what God does in and for you is never for you alone. There is always a component of giving. Matthew 10:8 Jesus tells us that…. Freely you have received; freely give.

Don’t be greedy….give it away and watch as you will be given soooooo much more. You’ll be blessed and so will those you give to.

Praying for you! Pastor Patrick