There is a metaphor that I use as I look at my life,  which is “holding my life with an open hand.” …meaning I am not going to try to grab ahold of anything so tightly that if God wanted to give me something else in life I wouldn’t be able to take it because my hands are full. Instead I want to be intentionally flexible as I trust God with the direction of my life. So I am open to surrendering what I have at any time to God if He asks for something. So position, possessions, comfort, etc. they’re all on the table at any time. I have chosen to allow God to put into and take out of my hands whatever He wants, whenever He wants.

That is something that is a struggle at times because  we want to control everything in our life to get the greatest outcome but actually the greatest outcome doesn’t come from us controlling it all. It comes from us trusting God and holding everything with an open hand.

The book of Genesis is my favorite book of the Bible and holds probably my favorite person in the Bible (except Jesus) and that is Joseph. I love the story of Joseph’s life because it is a case study of holding our lives with an open hand.

If you’ll read about Joseph (Genesis 37-50) we see that Joseph simply trusted God with his life at every turn. He had so many mishaps but his focus was trusting God. We know this because in the 39th chapter after he was sold into slavery and now in Potiphar’s house in the 9th verse this shows his focus on trusting and pleasing God. He did the right thing where he was.

You see…my job and yours is to simply trust God in whatever situation I find myself in. His job is to see that His purpose is fulfilled where I am. When I keep my focus and trust in Jesus, I am perfect soil for what God wants to do in my life.

If we jump to the end of Genesis in 50:20 (my life verse)…we see that what was meant for harm against Jospeh God turned it for good, the saving of many lives. Through the whole process of divine dreams, slavery and prison, Joseph held the things in his life with an open hand knowing that God would put into and take out of his hand whatever was necessary at each moment.

So hold everything with an open hand, don’t hold anything so tightly that you miss what God wants to give you, do the right thing where you are, trust God in every situation and watch as He fulfills His purpose in and through you.