Dave Ramsey says that everything is negotiable…well not everything. One day I walked into Jewel Grocery Store and tried to barter for the ice cream I was buying. It didn’t work. (lol) But when I was in Israel last year this was a part of the culture…”How much?” They’d tell me a price and I’d say that’s too much and we’d go around and around until we found some middle ground. One day I didn’t need to say anything, the store owner just kept coming down on the price because of my silence. I really enjoyed bartering for things.

Sometimes we try to do that with God too. We look at our life and in essence say to God “How much?” for this or that…we want the presence of God but we don’t always want to pay the price. The problem is that we can’t negotiate a lower price on the things of God.  The other side of things is when God asks us “How much?” do you want a transformed life? Whether we’re asking God or He’s asking us….The price is the price. The cost is the cost. You either pay it or you don’t, but you don’t get to barter with God.

A couple of months ago in prayer I was asking God for more of His presence and power and His response to me was, “Give me more of you and they will feel more of Me through you.” This sounds very much like John 3:30 with John the baptist stating these words…”He must increase, but I must decrease.” His ministry was ending and Jesus’ ministry was beginning. The same is true for me AND you….the cost is the cost….I must decrease for Him to increase, I have to give Him more of me for others to feel more of Him in me. This is the process that I’m in…giving Him more of me so I have space for more of Him. That is shown out in my time, focus, money, talents, etc. This is worth it because even though the cost may feel high, it’s actually a higher price I pay to not have His presence and power in my life.

So my question to you today is…..”How much?”

Pastor Patrick