As I was praying the other day I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Great moves of God happen because we greatly allow God to move in us.” We therefore have to ask ourselves…Are we greatly allowing God to move in us?

A couple days later, I had a dream  where many people were at the altar responding to what the Holy Spirit was saying after a message,  but one person moved and it created a domino effect.

Two things came out of those two moments with the Holy Spirit. 

First: We have to begin to focus less on our schedule and focus more on His. So often we think that means we have to pick between what God is speaking to us and what our schedule already has on it, but what I’ve found usually is that He merges/overlaps His plans and purpose with our already moving life. We simply have to learn to surrender and therefore allowing God to move in us.

Second: Someone else’s movement should not lead ours unless it’s a positive effect in going deeper with the Lord. Many times at altar moments I find that we need to stay and pray through regardless of what anyone else is doing. Just because someone else was done, doesn’t mean you are.

When we begin to allow those two truths to really take root in our heart, that’s the beginning of a great move in us.