I was talking to a friend about scuba diving today….It’s an exhilarating experience and I highly recommend that you “take the plunge” if you have the opportunity. One of the amazing things about scuba is that you see things you don’t see elsewhere. The colors, the life, a whole other world is right below the surface but we miss it if we don’t go deep enough.

This time of fasting and prayer is like scuba because you will experience and see more because you go deeper. There are things that the Holy Spirit is going to reveal to you everyday in this time of prayer and fasting. Each day is a moment to surrender, to humble yourself, your body and your schedule to hear what God is saying. Unfortunately many people miss what God is saying and doing because they stay on the surface. Don’t be that person. Go deeper and experience new life in Christ as you crucify the flesh and position yourself to experience more of God.

I’m praying for you! Pastor Patrick