Spending time focusing on God’s plans and purpose is always a worthwhile endeavor. As we move forward in our 2020 vision I want to encourage you to do just that…focus on God’s plan and purpose for your life.

The problem is that it’s so easy to get focused on our vision of life and make God an add-on, and yet this is not what our lives are supposed to look like. Our lives are supposed to be saturated by His Spirit, flowing in His purpose as we see what He sees.

The amazing thing that I think you’ll find, is that God will expand your vision as you see His vision. As God expands your vision He will awaken your heart to those around you that are hurting, lonely and lost. Then we begin to live in His purpose for our lives. Loving people, investing in them in practical ways and leveraging our lives for the Kingdom of God. This is what the 2020 vision is all about.

So today as you’re praying (and fasting) ask God to show you His plans and purposes and join Him where He is at work and let Him awaken your heart.