Do you know that God wants to spend time with you? When I ask the question,  why is it that we turn that opportunity into a chance to do the religious things that we think God wants? Automatically our thoughts go to reading  the Word of God or in prayer, although those are some of the ways He wants to spend time with you.

What I want us to catch is that God wants to spend time with you when you’re driving, working, tinkering around the house, shopping or out for a hike. There is not one activity or moment in our day where He isn’t interested in being with you.

Not just because He has something to say to you, (although He does) but because He wants to be with you because He loves you. Plain and simple. But so often we view time with Him only through those “religious activities” that we deem right.

Consider this…even though He made you and knows every thought before you think it, He still wants to be with you simply because He thinks you’re amazing. That is one of the things that I love about God…He thinks I’m amazing, and He thinks you are too. So reframe how you think about spending time with Him, in your everyday and the normal things in life and as you do that experience something new and fresh in Him.