So here we are. We’re closing in on the end of the 21 days of fasting and prayer and I want to bring focus to one thing today…it’s all about Jesus. All of it! The beginning, the middle and the end…it’s all about Jesus.

The entirety of prayer and fasting has been, is and will always be about a relational connection with Jesus. It’s never meant to be a religious exercise. In the same way that the focus is all about Jesus, the empowerment to accomplish what God is calling us to is also all about Jesus. Not us.

His Spirit has empowered us in this time of fasting and prayer and He’ll continue to pour into us the very things we need. So remember, this has been a great time, but it’s not over. Because our focus still needs to be on Jesus. This time has just helped us get the focus on where it needed it to be. Let’s keep it there.

Praying for you! Pastor Patrick