Does it seem like there are some doors that you want opened and yet they remain shut to you? Opportunity, favor, vision? Maybe it seems like doors open for everyone else, but not you? I want to encourage you to understand this…You have the ability to open those doors closed to you in the Holy Spirit.

One of the things that I’ve found in times of prayer and fasting is this exact thing. Things that I have been trying to access, doors that I have wanted to be open suddenly open up. The reason is not me, the reason is the Holy Spirit works in our favor when we live a surrendered and submitted live to God. This is one of the results of prayer and fasting. I know that it can seem difficult, impossible some moments but not only is the Holy Spirit going to open doors for you, He is also empowering you to surrender and submit. You don’t have to do this on your own….in fact you can’t!

So close the door to the refrigerator and press into this time of prayer and fasting and watch what doors the Holy Spirit opens for you and how He empowers you to experience things that you never thought possible…including extended times of prayer and fasting.

Praying for you! Pastor Patrick