Here we are…day 2. How did you do with the first day? If you struggled and maybe even felt like you failed, don’t stress about it. Let it go. This is a new day and simply another opportunity to press in and seek the Lord in fasting and prayer.

You may say, “I don’t feel normal” and that is to be expected. Of course it doesn’t feel normal, it’s not your normal, but the longer you’re here it begins to feel ok, right even. It becomes a place of new normal. A place spiritually and physically that you settle in to that begins to open up new realities with God.

Be ok with not feeling the same, with it not feeling normal. One of the reasons you’re probably fasting and praying is that you’re asking God for some change in your life. This simply helps you get used to something different and in the process you’re denying self and crucifying the flesh. That is what HAS to happen in order to receive the gift that God has for you….so enjoy the “I’m not used to this feeling”

I’m praying for you!                                                                                                                                                             Pastor Patrick