Here we are; day 3 of our 21 days of fasting and prayer. Check this out…this is actually the beginning of it being all downhill from here. It gets easier, it truly does. On day 2 my stomach wasn’t feeling the best because my body was cleansing itself from all the junk we put in it, but here we are on day 3 and I’m feeling strong and encouraged and hope you are too.

But in order to get the place where it becomes easier we have to understand it’s not just a physical thing, we have to break through the stronghold of our thinking that says we can’t or simply don’t want to do this. That is a huge part of the process of fasting for extended periods of time is simply getting your mind on board. Let’s ask ourselves a couple of questions today that helps us get our thinking right.

Does Jesus expect us to fast? Does Jesus ever ask us to do something that: A) He doesn’t expect us to do? B) He doesn’t equip and prepare us for?

Yes- No- No

So let today be a breakthrough day in your thinking! The Holy Spirit is walking with you through this. Have you talked to Him? Have you asked Him for help? He will give you the mind of Christ so that you can walk through this time of fasting and prayer in victory and receiving every spiritual blessing that the Father wants to pour out on you and break every chain that is holding you back.

Praying for you! Pastor Patrick