Admit it, you partly clicked on the link because of the title. I didn’t title this writing because of that, but rather because this is exactly what Jesus did.

Reading in John chapter 4 and we come across an innocuous passage of scripture. At first glance we maybe don’t give it much thought, but go a little deeper than the surface and you see that this is exactly what Jesus has done. He broke all the rules.  Here’s the passage: John 4:1-30

In this interaction with the woman at the well, Jesus crossed ethnical, moral and gender barriers that most of His time didn’t think should not be crossed.

1.  Ethnically – The Jewish people looked down upon the Samaritans to the point that even their drinking vessels were considered unclean, so when He asked her for a drink of water He crossed a barrier.

2. Morally –  The woman came alone to draw water from the well, whether that was because she wasn’t welcome with the other women or a sense of shame kept  her isolated…whatever the case, Jesus talking to her created an ambiguous situation that looked as if Jesus crossed another barrier as He was talking to a woman with a checkered past and how that could have appeared to onlookers. She might have even read that conversation wrong, but He set that straight as well.

3. Gender – Many sages of the day warned of being seen speaking to a woman for two reasons. First, because of the opportunity to fall into temptation and second because of what people might think.

The disciples were astonished that Jesus was talking with the woman but obviously trusted their Master.

In all of this it’s important to see that Jesus didn’t do anything wrong, rather He just broke the expected norm of the culture. He did that then and He is still doing that today because He loves us. You may find yourself in a place wondering if there are barriers between you and God…there is nothing too great that can keep you from His love, mercy and grace. Just take a page from this story and give Him whatever He’s asking for…He’ll take care of the rest.