Last Sunday we took a moment to celebrate our salvation with shouts, clapping, singing, etc. I have to say that as I led us in that process it seemed as if some didn’t know how to celebrate God’s touch on their lives. Now I know that not everyone is wired the same way. That not everyone is comfortable raising their hands, clapping or shouting to the Lord. That’s OK. But….that doesn’t change the fact that we should know how to celebrate the greatest gift that we’ve been given. Maybe that was just a moment in time where it seemed like we didn’t know what to do, but unfortunately I feel that we have lost something along the way. Somewhere along the way we’ve lost the fire and celebration of our salvation.

I am reading an extremely challenging book right now and came across a line in it that speaks to this very situation. “A passionate response is the only adequate response.” Now I know that I am a “passionate” person, but honestly each of us are passionate (in different ways) about different things. My question to you would be, “If you’re not passionate and celebratory about your salvation….why not?”

Considering that if you’re a Christ follower that your salvation is the greatest gift you’ve ever been given, then a passionate response is the only adequate response! That passion should drive you as you celebrate what God has done in and for you. If it doesn’t, that would make me take a long hard look at your life, your relationship with Jesus and your response to Him and how you live your life.

So maybe today begin to think about this. Think about how you respond, not just when you are encouraged to celebrate your salvation, but how you respond to Jesus in all things….and remember. As Christ followers: “A passionate response is the only adequate response.”