Practice makes perfect! Well, maybe not perfect but at least improved! Just like practicing an instrument causes improvement, practicing prayer and fasting does too. When we practice sometimes we mess up along the way. Maybe you’ve experienced some frustration over this fast because you didn’t spend as much time in prayer as you said you would or you gave into whatever it was you were fasting. 

Don’t give up! The more you pray the better you’ll get at it. Don’t let the enemy get you down because you didn’t do “good enough”. If you spent more time with God than you would have before, you’re making progress! 

As our time of prayer and fasting is almost over, start thinking about how you can make prayer and fasting a regular part of your life. Where can you make time for it in your schedule? Is there something you need to adjust so you can make sure you’re spending time with God? God desperately desires to have a deepening relationship with you and making time for prayer on a daily basis will create an opportunity for just that.

Written by Pastor Christine